A new Spark: Passenger – Let Her Go

Oh what a song! Those lyrics really touch everybody! Talking about recognizable…

Passenger is a British band that already exists from 2003. Four albums later the lead singer(-songwriter) finally seems to get the success he deserves with his single ‘Let Her Go’. Currently he’s touring with Ed Sheeran as his opening act and maybe that’s why he found him a bunch of fans now.
‘Let Her Go’ is a brilliant song with mind-blowing lyrics. People never realize what they have untill it’s gone. That’s why life can get really hard sometimes. And everybody knows they’re actually not appreciating enough what they see around them but over and over again we make the same mistakes to let those things go…
The sweet voice and subtile guitar of Mike Rosenberg makes those lyrics even become more than some simple words.
The song is to be found on Passengers latest album ‘All The Little Lights’

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Enjoy listening and keep spreading the Songstikal Word!

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